Saturday, November 7, 2009

Magical Assateague Sesh

Congratulations to my daughter Kristin and the rest of her team, who just won the gold medal to wrap up the fall season Volley ball rec league. Now on to MVSA tryouts this weekend:

Oh man I must be living right, because I’m constantly blessed with incredible sailing. Today it started getting breezy around noon, and I hopped in the truck and headed down to Assateague around 2pm. Forecast was 10-15, waves 2-3 foot, lo tide around 3-4pm. A perfect set up. I was highly confident I’d score some fun rides. I didn’t expect what I actually got: Juiced 5.8 conditionst and clean side off wind, some waves head high, big open faces, with plenty of punch. I threw down a lightening rig, and was on the water just after 3. I sailed solo for about 2 hours.

Juiced side off, are you kidding me!? Get it on....

Nice long lines

Lets get it on

Here we go!!

When the conditions are right, side off, plenty of juice, wavesailing is so much easier. I was catching 4, 5, 6 turn waves today. I was out of mind amazed at how I scored.

I came in after one exceptionally long ride, just hooting and hollering at the top of my lungs. This fisherman just downwind of me no doubt thought I’d lost my mind, which frankly I had.

He looked at me incredulously as I walked up the beach laughing and talking to myself. I was sooooo amped.

You gotta be aggresive-do the hitting, don't let the wave hit you. Use a lot of body movement, twist the torso, sheet in and bank the board off the lip/whit water. I'm figuring it all out.

Alas, my rock star photographer wife couldn’t make the sesh, so I was resigned to blogging with words only, and try to paint the picture of the conditions with my prose, certain that a certain someone would receive the report with a grain of salt, the great fishing story. Enter Mr. Alan Yeck. I’m coming back in to fire off an email report to Grendel (inside joke), and I see someone parked close to my truck, leaning on the hood of his car watching me sail. I walk up the beach, put my stuff down, and he gives me the thumbs up. He was stoked on the sailing, very interested. I struck up a conversation with him. Really nice guy, works up in Aberdeen for the Army, and was down to the shore fishing and visiting his family in Ocean Pines. After a few minutes, I strike. The conditions today are absolutely fabulous, and the light is incredible. I’d be stoked if you would take 15 minutes and snap a few photos. I’ll even pay you twenty bucks…….Wohooo he was happy to, and don’t mind the cash, he was just enjoying the show. Ha! Talk about being blessed!! Alan, you took some great shots, almost looks like you’ve done this before? Very impressed, and very thankful as well.

Look at that wave!! 2-3 foot?! Are you kidding me!

this one is kinda funny cuz i'm out of the straps

I made it over though!

This is a smaller wave

but look how clean

When the wind is side off like that, the waves are held up by the wind, are oh so groomed, like a stick of butter waiting to be carved. Bottom and top turns are effortless, and the only question is how radical do you want to get with your approach to the lip, because you have complete power to go anywhere on the wave face.

Off the lips are so easy cuz you can hit that lip in the perfect spot. I’m learning though that you need to be aggressive when hitting the lip. If you’re timid, its gonna smack you. Also, I think the off the lip aireals turn out better when you land on the wave face off the wind, otherwise you pearl. At least I did today once. Got worked, and loved every minute of it. You gotta enjoy spending time IN the water. If you’re not comfortable with that, then its gonna be tougher for you to learn, because as they say, if you’re not getting wet, you’re not learning.

Headin out


gybing on the outside

I love these sessions that you score that totally exceed your expectations, like the Hurricane Bill session that scored me a cover shot in the NEWJ. You just gotta have faith and a willingness to make the effort to get here.Passion and a love for the sport drive me.Luck has nothing to do with it. I’m telling you, if the timing of the tide is right, and there is anything above 2 or 3 foot forecasted with 10-15 knots, YOU WILL score. Andy, you should of come out today. Would have been perfect for you. Coyle, are you telling me you worked again today? The World Series is over. What’s your excuse? Ken, well....all I can say is I’m sure you aren’t surprised. I’ve got the spot unlocked, my own private wavesailing paradise. Assateague, Maryland.

I unrigged as the sun was setting and had a smile on my face as big as the State of Texas. It was a magical sesh, even spiritual on some level. I get so caught up in the beauty of being on the ocean, the simplicity of the sport, the power of the ocean, and I can't help but give the glory to God for this amazing day. I am so blessed and thankful.

Midweek forecast looks good. Can you sail tuesday or wedsneday Ken?

Perpetually stoked.


Bill said...

Awesome George!
With all the wavesailing exposure you are hitting there in MD, perhaps more northern and western (Balt, DC, NY, etc...) wind/wave seekers may head there?!

I will be interested to see a post about some "visiting" wavesailors to Assateague!

kristin said...

wow dad thats beautifull it really is.... nice pictured too i love you so much!!!!!! umm..... i dont know what else to say...
k luv yuhhh


Ken K said...

Nice session. Looks a lot friendlier than my last time out there when Bob sliced his suit open.

I do have next Wednesday off and last time I checked it was supposed to blow out of the north. Could be a nice side off day at Assateague with secret as a backup.

Janis Markopoulos said...

Alan! Thanks for filling in for me. You have a photography talent and capture some of George's waves right at the right moment! Thanks so much for being there when I couldn't.

Janis (George's wife)

George Markopoulos said...

Bill-I’m trying, but how does the saying go? you can lead a horse to water but can’t force him to drink?
Kristin, love you to honey, and congratulations on the gold medal! My daughter’s team went to the double elimination round in the season ending tournament. Kristin served up 13 straight winners, leading her team to a 15-5 victory, and Gold medal! We’re so proud of her. Ken, are you talking about the day Sam was out with me? What did you find so unfriendly about that day? Honey, I was so blessed to meet Alan! He can photograph my sessions any time!!!