Saturday, February 19, 2011

Windiest Day In A Long Time

Click on this image to see the full screen view, perhaps one of the best photos Janis has ever captured of me at the Secret Spot, Saturday Feb 19, 2010

Windiest day I've saled in over a year
Venue: Lewes, Delaware "The Secret Spot"
Wind: avg mid 30s, gusting into the upper 40s
Board-RRD Thruster ltd 76ltr

Yeah, it was super windy. This is Gulliome's kit
I was lit
I love this shot. The Wave Thruster, with the tri fin setup, has so much grip 
I was sooooo stoked. Its way funner that it looks 

So many jumps today 
Windiest Day I've sailed in over 12 mths.
Lots of spray

few walks back up the beach

You can see the entire Delmarva Board Sport Adventures photo gallery here
Another great photo by my awesome wife Janis Markopoulos.
See how she waits for those birds to get into the frame.
Lo tide
Stan and I discusing about the pyshco chop on the outside.
Extremely thankful for every thing the Lord has blessed me with
Epic day 

6 comments: said...

Nice work George.I can feel the stoke in the last photos high 5

PeconicPuffin said...

Love that air shot at the top! Saturday was mighty...glad you caught it.

Meanwhile I'm going to borrow the photo of the rig in sand. That is sweet!

Janis said...

Now is a great time to be a windsurfer!

PeconicPuffin said...

Borrowed photo here thanks!

guillaume said...

That's probably the best thing my equipment did that day! Sand deflector that is. The operator was having season restart issues.
Thanks for the shot Janis, really cool. I'll be back for more!

George Markopoulos said...

Hey G, looked to me like you did just fine. I saw you hit some super floaty starboard aerials on the way in. I think that’s your signature move. Very nice