Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tropical Storm Nicole Serves It Up

Venue: Slaughter Beach, Delaware

Secured the insurance sesh on the 4.7
then quickly re-rigged to my 4.2 wave vogue
RRD wave Vogue 4.2
cool graphics huh!
the 4.2 was just right :)
Amazing-rigging a half meter smaller sail made all the difference. I was dialed.
Love my twin fin-works awesome as a bump-n-jump board
Slaughter is hands down epic in a Southeast Gale
ramps line up perfectly
for big air
Touch down. Cool thing about the twin fins is you never spin out. Ever.
the twin is so loose
and gybes so smooth
ramps were perfect-both starboard or port
see the Ghost ship on the horizon
oh yeah
all day long

amazing thing is they were predicting 7 inches of rain
I hit the water at 11am, and it didn't start raining until I was unrigged and packing up at 3.30.
Finally, a good looking strectch of wind. Next 5 days looks to be windy. Stoked!


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Anonymous said...

Awesome pics. We had an epic day up north too in Lakes Bay. Dialed-in on a 4.5, with the amazing 8.5m RRD Wassup standup board. Some great jumps, thanks to the footstraps... Then I took it out in head high Nicole waves for some paddle surfing. Good times! --James