Monday, September 27, 2010

More Pics From The Ocracoke Sesh

Headin out
nice to have power to jump when you need to
see that gull in the foreground :)
couple of turns on this.....
.....this one was about to become a monster closeout
over mast high-and running for the clearing
Charlie (or Jim) Myers was out in front of me, hooting and hollering. I was running from that closeout!

more hits when the wave reforms on the inner bar
these where the longest wave rides I'd EVER had. Several were 7-8 bottom and top turns.
I was just trying to sneak away unscathed, with no broken gear, or body parts. I succeeded.

The Hatteras locales, on the other hand, where putting on a show:
Charlie Myers

Keith McCulloch

Caleb Jacobs

so yeah, I'll be chasing this day for years to come. I'll never be same after that sesh

live2sail mast high+ waves :) :)

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