Monday, October 22, 2012

Carnage from Rafael

Friday I scored some really fun wave rides at Azz. Lo tide around 5, sailed from 4-6pm. Really big faces, and nice backside hits on the Fanatic fly 10.
Toward the end of the sesh, got a little sloppy and paid some fairly modest dues ;)
Broken mast and torn luff sleeve
All good and eyeing a Hatteras run toward the end of this week.


rdm said...

What about thoughts on the smaller SUP? Man I hope hatteras works?!!

George Markopoulos said...

love the fanatic fly 10. like bobbing around on a skate board compared to the Naish i rode in hatteras. Also, the overhead carry is as easy as a short board, just so damn light.
Absoulutely love the Fanatic Fly 10. I suspect the 9.6 would be perfect for me.

rdm said...

I've been riding the '11 fly 9'6 while my 8'10 is waiting for me at Fox. Had a ball wave sailing and paddling in the Rafael surf. Sweet and light.