Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Two Venue Day!!

Video from yesterday

Ken Kellar and I hooked up for a two venue day today. We met up around 9.30ish at the south parking lot at Assateague. Conditions were pretty sweet. Some of the bigger sets where easily logo high. Niko, it was bigger than our session two weeks ago, although the wind wasn’t side off today. It was pretty much side shore, and strong.
Lit up 5.0 conditions today on the 91 ltr, which I thought I had broke on Sunday

Conditions were SUWEEET. Shorebreak was heavy but we had no trouble getting out. No current either which was nice. We had to deal with rain all day, but it wasn't heavy, and to tell you the truth, after a while, I didn't even notice it, so that was nice. In fact, as Andy said, the storm had a tropical feel to it. Very warm and balmy. Not bad for November!
However a side affect of the rain was that we really couldn't have the camera on the beach for any extended period of time. So no Nikon photos. Most of the shots you see on this post were taken with the water proof GoPro.

Here are a few shots pulled from the video file.

Lots of big jumps today, although not as many as Sunday. It was just much bigger today, and it was pretty intense. One deserves mention. As I’ve said, sailing with my friends always fires me up, and motivates me to go for bigger moves. So I was thru the impact zone, lit and dialed headed out. Ken is coming in, and I launch off a pitching swell that had some size. Well, I was going for a forward, but went I launched, I think I went into and updraft or something cuz I got way more altitude than I was expecting, but I was already pulling with the back hand and pulling up with my back foot. So I went into the rotation and was now over my stuff way the hell up there. So now I give up on the rest of the rotation, and I kick the board away but held onto the boom, and basically fell out the sky. I have no idea how high I was, but when I hit the water, it literally knocked the wind out of me. But other than that, no damage. So its all good, and it was so much fun. I’ve said it before, I have so much respect for the guys in Hatteras that go for the big moves in high surf.

Went thru the rinse cycle once, and loved it! Hold on to that boom and just go for the ride!The period was something like 10 seconds or more, and that made it much easier to get it back together when you screwed it up.
A first for me today is that I sailed away from a gybe on the inside went over some sizable white water clew first. I’ve gained so much confidence from my experience at Wavefest. Thanks guys.

Ken rigged his new 5.3 that he scored during WaveFest. I think he likes the sail guys cuz he was ripping on it all day.

When we arrived, and walked up to check the conditions, we saw that a 32 foot Humpback Whale had washed up onto the beach

This guy was on the buffet table for some, how should I say, fish with sharp teeth. Lets leave it at that

So high tide was around noon, and we launched for our final sesh around 11.15. The shorebreak was getting pretty big, but again, no current yet, so it was pretty easy to pick your spot. I was only denied once. I tell you, it was maybe the first time, that once I made it out for that final sesh, I had serious concerns about getting back to the beach with out getting tagged from behind by dumping shorepound. It had gotten pretty bad. It all ended well though, back on the beach in one piece. However at this point, it was probably blowing 4.0 and the water was pretty much steamrolling over the sand bar, and dumping just off the beach, so we decided to head north to…..

...the secret spot on the Deleware Bay

Here we found well powered 5.0 conditions, with nice rolling swell way on the outside for backside rides, and the occasional jump. We hit the water around 1.45 and stayed out for a marathon two hour sesh. Dialed and loving it. Greatest sport in the world.

Here is my repair job with ding stick
Honestly, I don't know if this qualifies as a broken board. I can say that I gooped it up to make it water tight, and sailed like a reckless fool. I hit some pretty decent jumps (tried to land them softly though), and it held up just fine. So I don't know.

Yes, I did sand that down smooth a good bit.

Ken, it was great to sail with you again today. I had a ton of fun!!
Shot some go-pro mast mount video so check back for that.



Andy said...

Nice, building confidence was what the Wavefest was all about!!

Crazy pictures of the whale. Did anyone call NPS to tell them about it?

George Markopoulos said...

Andy-yah, the NPS was on site.

tormod said...

Congratulations with nice conditions, logo and side!. Two venue is that one of your home spot’s? Cool go pro movie!

KenK said...

Fun stuff.

I'm glad I didn't see the shark bites until I had a session under my belt.

And yes Andy, all kinds of oceanographers showed up. They said there was no obvious cause of death. They suggested we put on a different color wetsuit. Apparently ours were Dead-Humpback Dark Gray! I spent quite a bit of time getting worked near the outerbreak and still have all my parts.

Ken K