Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Juiced 4.5 Conditions At New Road

Strong NNW wind blowing at New Road (paved lot). Nice ramps on both tacks. Come out and join me.. The temps was around 38-40 degrees all day today, but that didn't keep me off the water. I arrived around noon to solid 4.5 conditions.

and chilly temps

.....and blowing sand across the parking lot


Small Kit! 4.5 is my favorite sail.

Amazingly, the UV rays where so strong that I felt comfortable enough to go out for the first session w/o gloves. It actually wasn’t too bad, and I stayed out for about 45 minutes, before coming in to put on a pair of gloves. In case you’re wondering, I wear a Neil Pryde dry suit, along with a superfreak booties, NP mittens, and a full hood.

The character of the water was a lot saner than the jump-a-looza session Sunday. Lots of space in between the ramps to get comfortably dialed before bearing up to hit a ramp at full speed.

It was honking today!

On the drive home thru Deleware, it began to snow a little. Gotta love it

reminds me of that scene in the Wizard of Oz. so sleeeepy..

No one else came out to sail today, so no action photos. I did however shoot some mast mount video today, here you go:


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Outdrsmn said...

The wind was insane all day here too, 30 to 40 mph. Had work to do plus 4.0 is the smallest sail I have so I didn't get out. Wind chills had to be in the low 30's during the snow squalls. I think I'll wait for tropical season to sail in that kind of wind again.

I can't vote on the poll because I don't know what my lower threshold is yet, it's my first year of sailing in the cold. I guess I'll know by March.