Friday, October 1, 2010

Secret Spot Fires Solid 4.2 Conditions

Yeah, I showed up after lunch, to find Dave Coyle and James Roe, lit up on a 4.5 and 4.2 respectively. I snapped these photos of Dave before I  rigged up.
I didn't waste any time rigging, and it wasn't hard cuz I used the same kit from the day before: my RRD wave twin 82 and a 4.2 wave vogue. No adjustment needed-and the kit was dialed!
I was on the water in a matter of minutes, and the ramps where massive. Huge floaty port jumps were there for the taking. Simply epic conditions. Yeah, the secret spot is sooooo much fun on a NNW gale. AHHHH still buzzing from todays action :)

Nice back side hits
sorry guys, my paparizi skills are no were close to Janis'
Dave has such a smooth gybe.
yup, today was alot of fun. Great sailing with you guys. Dave is the only guy that shows up once a year, and is completly dialed and one of the best sailors out there. He's frankly amazing.
have you seen the forecast?? :)
We have another low pressue spinning up off shore. Looks to be N 20-25+ Sunday thru Weds.

live2sail NE Atlantic gales

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Anonymous said...

Hey George, great sailing with you! You're jumps are insane! I got a great view of your rrd twin bottom graphics, as you flew by at 20ft+ over my head from that one jump!
I heard you scream, looked up, you soared by, then soft landed and blasted off towards the horizon at warp 3!
HA HA you're one crazy white boy!