Friday, October 29, 2010

RRD Wave Cult 90 ltr

Today I sailed at the Secret Spot, lit on a 5.3 Super style and the RRD Wave Cult 90.
The wave cult 90 performed great as a bump and jump board. The NW winds where super gusty, and she planed up nice an quick, easily handling the lulls.  Gybing off of the outside swell was sooo much fun..
....and despite my assurances to myself that I would take it nice and easy today and not jump that much, I did blast some pretty high aeriel's. The 90 felt great in the air
If you always sail at your same spot, you'll never know what you're missing..
Every now and them, step out on faith and try a new spot
Wrap up to another awesome day of sailing on the Delmarva
Weekend looks good!


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ralph said...

george- what is the tradeoffs between the wave twin and the cult on a wave? sktate vs carve?