Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chinook Tendon Maintenance-Do It

I use the Chinook tendon euro-pin, and a couple of years I ago switched to aluminum extensions.

Why aluminum extensions you ask? Because I've broken too many carbon extensions. 
The reasoning behind using aluminum vs carbon is that aluminum will bend (but rarely breaks). On the other hand, with carbon, if there is a manufacturing defect in the carbon layers, the piece will fail entirely...leaving you vulnerable, and perhaps doing serious damage to the deck of your board.
Aluminum will mostly only bend, still allowing you to sail in. 
So anywho, back to the story at hand...Last week when I was sailing with Ken at the secret spot, and while down on the outside, I casually glance at the uni (as most of us do I suspect), and I happen to see a serious crack in the tendon.
Not something you wanna see, while down  on the outside on a 4.2 day. Fortunately, it was still sailable, and fact is, might have been cracked for quite some time.
I was able to sail back in and switch uni's.
Bottom line, CHECK YOUR STUFF OVER THOROUGHLY, and do it OFTEN. A replacement tendon costs about $15, and I recommend inspecting several times each season, and replacing them as needed, or at least once a year.

I ordered a few new tendons, and refitted my uni's. An affordable way to updated one of the most critical pieces of equipment in our rigs

BIG wind in the extended forecast. Friday and Saturday look to be pretty heavy, so tend to the gear, eat yer Wheaties, and get out here on the Delmarva.

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