Saturday, July 11, 2009

Assateague Was Fun Today!!

Lots of waves today. They were small, and not much power, the wind was marginally powered 5.8 conditions, but lemme tell you it was fun!!!

Apart from the chaos just to get onto the beach, which was, interesting. They limit the number of people they allow on, and once that limit is reached, they'll only other trucks on as some leaves.. On a one to one basis! Over 2 hours just sitting on the ramp waiting our turn. But no worries, I knew thermal wasn't scheduled to kick in until early afternoon so I had no problem waiting my turn. Had it been honking however, I would have gotten a tad bit anxious. As it turned out, we dialed it perfectly, and I milked every bit of the conditions.

Ken, it was about as fun as our last day here together, but not nearly as big. Wish you could of been here to enjoy this day.

Its funny, the 5.8 was marginally powered, never litski. And I'm finding that thOSE sorts of conditions are very condusive to wavesailing. Had it been honkin, its easy to get sucked into blastin way out to sea, as opposed to just sailing out beyond the sandbar and gybing onto a swell and riding the wave back in. I had it dialed, a wave on every reach! However the odd times that it would really be rocking, I found myself blasting way out and enjoying the speed over the rolling swell. Fun for sure, but that sort of blasting has a direct impact on the number of waverides, an inverse relationship to boot. I swear those times it would start honkin, I'd be like "NO!!, don't get too windy!!". But its all good, and for the most part, it was a pure wavesailing day, with no baffing.


Fun to get tumbled

Wild ponies on Assateague island

I'm dog tired, light air wavesailing really wipes you out.

Probable dawn patrol tomrrow. NW wind in the morning. Secret Spot any one?



Ken K said...

Looks very fun George. Your wave sequences look nice and fluid. Wish I could have made it. Fall is coming and I need to get more mileage out of that darn $90 beach pass before it expires!

Well Relaxation Station is pretty much booked through Labor Day. I'm hoping is doesn't rent out during wave fest which is late September I believe?

George Markopoulos said...

Ahhhh, September in Hatteras. My second shot at the Cove.......

Andy said...

The Cove, aka back loop central!

If you start blasting around, you can always rig down :) 4.2 on the 80 would pretty much guarantee no planing :)