Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hatteras Day Two

On Saturday, we had fantastic waves, but the forecasted wind didn’t materialize. Man to have had Friday’s wind with Saturday s surf. Ahhh. Oh well, it’s all good. Ken, Keith, Ian and I rigged up and putted around trying to get out and catch a wave.

I gotta say the shore break was intensely dangerous, and there was absolutely no wind on the inside to beach start. You had to time it right, toss your stuff over the shore pound, and swim it out to the lounge, where you could try to water start or up-haul.

This is Keith coming back in

Ian Stokes, who weighs all of 90 lbs, stuck a sail on a Starboard SUP and was just zipping back n forth, even planning. He caught a few waves, and had us all wishing we had a SUP too.

I tried but couldn’t get out. It had to have been blowing all of 8 knots, but still fun to get the endorphins rushing.

Of course when Ken went out, the seas just parted, he freaking steps on his board and proceeds to make his way out the sand bar.

Memories of Issabelle's last year. Sooner or later Ken, the tables will reverse, hehehehehe.

Oh well, you know my policy by now, any day of sailing is a great day of sailing. The trip was an unqualified success, and I’ll be eyeing the forecast to come back.


Ken K said...

I appreciate the local Hatteras folks helping us push down the wind-minimum for the ocean and how offshore the wind can be. What was it 20 or 25 degrees from straight offshore? I'm still sticking to a floaty board I can be sure to uphaul though! But I have been practicing uphauling my 93 liter on the sound.

Bill said...

You guys scored Wave Jam "bonus" points too for going out on Sat!

Too bad that wind did not switch and pick up while we were out there at Rmp 34.