Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Terrapin Adventure Park

We took Kristin to Terrapin Adventures for her 12th birthday. They have an obstacle course and zip lines that you travese up to 40 feet in the air. There are also spots that require you to take "leaps of faith".

The adventure course has three levels.

You start of on the lower lower, an gain confidence as you work up to progressively higher lines

with less to hold onto but your faith in the harness you wear

After maybe the second obstacle, Kristin began to shake off her fear, and really enjoyed the experience!

We had now climbed up to the third and highest level. We where approx 40 feet above the ground!

Up there, you mostly have nothing to "walk" on, and you're mostly hangind from the zip line

and using your arms to pull yourself across

My girl has some risk taking adventure running thru her veins!!

Lemme tell you, its best not to look down from that altitude!


I believe this was the first "leap" you had to make.

Which required you to leap off the platform which is 40+ feet up and reach for the hanging rope to help you swing across to the next platform

And here is the first zip line leap straight back down to the ground.Keep that tension in the line and kick off the wall as you kareen down

Kristin white knuckled this jump, and was rewarded with a few blisters

And this is the swing, which was SOOOOOOOO much fun!

We rode this three times!

Yup, we had a blast!

Good looking forecast this weekend. I'm shooting for Assateague. Cya on the water!

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