Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2nd Blizzard This Week!!

You've got to be kidding me.

Coupled with the snow accumulations from the weekend blizzard, I've got more than four feet of snow of snow on my roof.

The bird feeder is getting lots of visitors, but it all amounts to a big tease to the cats!

and I was just saying spring is right around the corner.......

I'd like you guys to know that I'm now promoting Downtown Piano Works in Frederick, Maryland. If you are in the market for a grand or stand up piano, they offer fabulous deals, and can probably beat any deal offered by competitors.  They are having an awesome Presidents Day sale not to be missed.
Check out this story in The Frederick Times. They've just delivered a piano to The White House, and you know they probably cut Obama a great deal! Get in touch with my wife Janis Markopoulos. Not only is she close friends with the owner, but she has worked in the piano industry for over 12 years, and understands the corporate strategy of all the major retailers. She can tell you what they cost, how much they are marked up, and how to negotiate when buying a piano. Bottom line, she can get you hooked up with a smokin deal, just like Obama!

I definately would not buy one from Jordan Kitts Music-IN MY OPINION, they are outrageously overpriced.


George Markopoulos said...

you gotta be kidding me! Jordan Kitts Music didn't close for the blizzard??? They made their employees come in to work?

cnckeith said...

gman, hey you ought to shovel that snow off your roof..if it rains or you get a wet snow.. the load on the roof is going to be alot for those little old roof trusses to take. be careful.. leaving maui tomorrow.. i sailed two more times.. today was head high and light wind. I tried a brand new mark nelson quad fin custom, his personal board no doubt. and I got a phone call from our neighbor today.. wed had 2' of water under our house today. ughh. I can't wait for spring either. Keith

George Markopoulos said...

Did ya'll see extreme home makeover on 2/14/10. While working for Jordan Kitts Music (before they fired her after she gave them 11 years of dedicated service), my wife coordinated the donation of a piano to the show which wound up going to the fishing school house in last nights show. I think we can all agree that the opportunity for exposure on national TV was a genious concept by my wife- providing the opportunity for fabulos PR and brand awareness. But of course Jordan Kitts Music fired my wife, and there was no one left in the company with the forward thinking vision to take the ball and see that the opportunity was taken exploited. We watched the show and did not see anything that pointed to or rerferenced where the piano came from. Brilliant eh? Genuises those marketing people at Jordan Kitts Music.

Man up Grant and do the right thing. My wife deserves a severence package that is fair for someone of her tenure at the director level.

I don't think ANYONE will agree with you that 8 weeks PART TIME SEVERNCE after 11+ years of full time work is fair.

George Markopoulos said...

I doubt even your attorney's at Venable would agree with you, but thay wont tell you the truth, cuz they're lawyers.

George Markopoulos said...

hey grant-you looked at my blog again on sat morn. you wanna learn to sail? i doubt youre man enough and i'm sure your hands are a soft as a classical pianist

George Markopoulos said...

Hey Grant, when I met you at Bill McCormicks funeral, you struck me as arrogant prick, and you know what, your behavior to this point reinforces that. Do you sleep well at night knowing you've screwed us over?