Thursday, February 11, 2010

After The Storm-The Big Dig

Historic Savage Mill is open for business

So for the 2nd time in less than a week, we found ourselves digging out after a monstor blizzard.

At one point today, Janis and I went off in search of impassable roads.
This is a shot of Murry Hill road looking like the frozen tundra of Lambau field!

this is a pic of my front yard, with at least 4 feet of snow, probably closer to 5 due to the blowing snow.

And on the other side of this fence (yes, there is a fence in there) is our mailbox.

The Mail resumed today:
Here is a look at the parking situation before we commenced to shoveling.
and 4 hours later, we can see pavement!
Savage Maryland (and card carrying member of the Savage Nation-SAVAGE!). The Savage Cemetary is where the Savages are buried.


Waterturtle said...

That is insane!

robertkudla said...

Hi George, I am Robert Kudla ( You are welcome.

I live in CA but met my wife on Dewey Beach when living in D.C.

Do you ever get out to Maui?

George Markopoulos said...

Hey Robert-small world eh? We've been to Maui many times, but not since '08. .