Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Final Maui Surf Report


hello. wow incredible photos of all the snow!

this is probably my last maui report......:-)

yesterday I sailed at lowers.. it was about shoulder high and light wind.. I rigged a 6.2.. and went out wave sailing.. it was more fun than it sounds!.. I sailed about 3 hours.. non stop..one wave after another... 2 to 3 turns per wave average... lots of fun.. i was surprised how well the 6.2 was working.. when the wind and waves are lining up..it made all the difference... no photos again from lowers.. to far out.. i guess I should have a go pro hd wide tied on to my boom like andy.

and today.. Ho'okipa.. I was lit up on a 5.4 with solid head high to occasional logo sets.. nice "sail out at will" conditions.. no need to sail out thru the slot today.. just point the board north and blast out thru the sets.. big jumps on the way out...

 but, not everything was easy.... in the first ten minutes I broke a mast.. some bozo cut me off and i got clobbered by a wave which drove the mast into the reef.. so I swam the gear in.. installed a new mast and headed back out...

the crowd here was alot different than the last time I was here.... not alot of courtesy or aloha here! the last time i sailed the waves were big and the sailors were much more respectful.. today it was like a pack of dogs out there..

I think the big wave sailors had some immediate comradeship.. just the fact that you made it out got you some respect out there... totally different today... people cutting you off.. jibing right in front of you while you are setting up a wave..etc..etc.. ridiculous. anyway.. i guess that's good enough reason to sail at Ku'au. Do i really need to be at Ho'okipa when its like that?

I sailed till 5.. the last hour from 4 to 5 was the best for me since the crowd thinned down and the wind got fluky.. which was fine.. less guys to get in my way. a few air off the lips were memorable. super nice being powered up on the inside and blasting out thru the sets... pretty freaky jumping looking down and seeing the reef thru the clear water while you are soaring over it. the low tides here have been pretty low.. so i've hit the reef with my fin several times. I did get washed pretty good once and cut my foot and bounced off the reef with my butt and leg.. i guess that's better than my head. makes you appreciate the sand bottom of hatteras!

forecast for the day we leave looks awesome.. don't you know that's always the case.. oh well. hey george you'll have to come out with me next time! I'll be back. -Keith
Keith-you can count on it pal! Thanks for letting us ride along during your trip. Safe travels back home.

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