Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm Sponsored! Stoked!

RRD has always been the favorite board in my quiver to ride.

I'f you're a regular follower of Live2sail, you'll recall that 2009 was a break out year in that I unlocked the secret that is Assateague wavesailing. First and foremost: the spot offers a wide range of conditions, and you need gear that you'll have the confidence to take it out in and make work.
Well I'm super stoked to announce that I'll be riding exclusively on RRD gear (boards and sails) this year. I'm sooo excited about teaming with RRD as they are the boards that I've ridden succcesfully in exploring and learning how Assatague works. Check out the RRD web site. More details will be forthcoming as the season unfolds.

A huge thank you goes to Tony at A&O Sports, the North American Distributor of RRD Gear.
My new gear will be arriving sometime in March and I can't wait!
2010 is gonna be a GREAT year!!
cya in the straps!


Fish said...

Congrats!! RRD makes some nice gear!

Aaron said...

Congrats!! well done. Look forward to details and pics of your new toys. Guess Xmas come in March this year for you.

Pål Rype said...

Nice !

tormod said...

That's suuuuper cool George, congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the RRD, and good luck with your shoulder.
how does the Assateague access work, are you sailing from the state or federal park? best launch area? summer access when the lifeguards are there? stay out of the fishermen? ever camp and sail there? thanks.

George Markopoulos said...

Thxs all.
Hey paul, I sail out of the federal park-and I drive on the beach searching for a good setup. You need an annual permit do drive on the beach. They lomit the # of people that can drive onto the beach, so crowds, or fisherman, rarely get in the way.
All in all, azz can be world class when it fires! Oh, and yes you can camp on the beach, but I never have