Thursday, February 4, 2010

OK, Catching Up On The Maui Surf Report



ok catching up on the reports...

since my last report i've sailed 2 times.

a few days ago i caught a killer slog and surf session at lowers. slog out.. and catch a clean, well organized logo high nugget.. snap off 3 solid bottoms turns and kick out tack up wind..and do it again.. every hour or so a mast high sets would roll through.. lots of fun.. there were about 10 guys out at one point... the wind was light..but steady so it was easy to slog into position for a killer ride.. no photos of that sesh.. too far away from the beach for martine to snap any..and too much work for me to hold onto a camera and slog around in big waves.. that sesh lasted 3.5 hours.. lots of work..but worth every moment..

we ran around a little.. drove over to the west side to check things out.. nice cliff hanger roads and incredible views.. (hey Keith, we love that drive, but you gotta do it counter clock wise)

then up the big volcano the next day.. pretty cool.. wish I had a sports car and the road was closed, would make a killer hill climb run. and the views were pretty nice as well:-)

then today it blew directly onshore on the north shore.. waves were about mast high at ho'okipa which has pretty much been the norm since we got here.. only a few days that the surf laid down to "only" head high. well the onshore wind really messed up the possibility of wave sailing in those monsters.. it looked like a bad day at the lighthouse..what a mess.. same story at kanaha..

so off to kihei... sunny windy.. no waves.. bump and jump it was...

fully powered on a 5.0 in side off wind.. big wind shadow on the inside..

but very filled in the middle of the bay.

saw a seal very close up.. 3' or so.. it was huge! several turtles, dolphin and a a bunch of whales.. ho hum;-) where are all the tiger sharks?
i thought i'd toss in a few more photos of why i'm out here..

I repaired and updated two 4'x4' 3 Axis CNC routers that are here in the Tectonics Factory.

Dennis Parton the owner designs the fastest fins in the world and the most race winning.

He's got some serious designs that out perform anything out there.

that's the scoop.. one more week to go.

over and out, Keith


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Sheralyn said...

Great pictures! When I was a kid at the lake, the neighbours next door used to windsurf all the time... I tried it once at summer camp, and I sucked at it! lol

It must be a lot of fun to windsurf on the ocean!