Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bye-Bye To The Windsurfing Van

Hello 4wheeling on the beach!

So one of the things I've learned about wavesailing, is that often times you have to search for the ideal setup of wind direction, sandbar, and swell. I mean, simply pulling up to the parking lot of the main beach, and finding good conditions at that exact spot: an off shore sandbar coupled with side off wind, is pretty darn difficult. It happens, but very rarely in my experience.

Now if you have the ability to drive out onto the beach, and search for the ideal setup, well then you've significantly increased your options, and in my opinion, rate of success, or "scorability" potential.

So back during Wavefest, I became a Gypsy, catching a lift out onto the beach with anyone who took pitty on my ill-equiped self. And beggers cant be choosy, so I often didn't take the right gear, didn't have the right sail/board, etc. I could have been better equiped to shred. The Cove Session comes to mind......

I swore to myself that over this winter, I'd make the switch to a 4wheel drive vehicle.

Sand and beach DNA from many many beachs on the floor of that van!

So here is a shot of my garage with all my gear splayed out all over the floor. I'm actually thinking of adding additional secuirty measures ;). I need to work on intelligent storage solutions (any suggestions dear reader?). I'll also havet to modify my routine in terms of the stuff I travel with for a given sesh. Granted, with the van, I could go loaded for bear, but it did feel redundant most of the time.

Ken, the Tiki-Doll is secure!

Now I did offer this van up to sell in the windsurfing community, but the only reader who expressed an interest lived in Australia! And such an indescriminate demise for a windsurfing van autographed by The King himself Robby Naish, well lets just say I'm sure to accrue some negative juju. Probably get skunked the next several sessions.

If anyone on the Delmarva is in the market for a new or used Dodge Ram, I highly recommend I.G. Burton. Ask for Kyle Robbins krobbins@igburton.com (302-236-2865), he worked hard to find me the 4x4 I wanted. Thanks Kyle! And those where some supercool 4wheeling pics you showed me. Keep it up pal! You only go around once.

So I bid a fare adieu to my windsurfing van, many adventures we did score together......


Janis Markopoulos said...

Think of all the new adventures we'll have in the new truck honey! Do we have a name for her yet? She growls, she 4 wheels, she's sexy, hmmmm! On day she'll live on Maui. What are we going to name her? Haole?

tormod said...

Congratulate with new car. It looks cool! About storage system, I have made a system I am quite happy with, If you weant to I can send you a drawing of it (if I can find the old docment)
Let me know if you want it!

Rob said...

Nice wheels, dude! And yes, negative juju may be on the horizon for ditching the autographed van. Only one question: Where are the burgundy and gold accents on the new truck?

George Markopoulos said...

Tormod-I'm all ears pal.

Rob, he actually showed me a van painted the putrid colors of the washington deadskins. I let him know what I thought of the colors.

Andy said...

See you on the beach (instead of in the parking lot)!!

George Markopoulos said...

Andy, exactly!

scooper said...

Put a cap on the truck and you can carry just as much useless junk as you can in a van. All of my toys live in a box in my truck cept the boards and anything thats drying out, and I still have room for work use. For a session, I just throw in whatever boards I want and go.

Lano said...

I am fascinated with the American penchant for massive trucks.

There are a few big 'pick ups' in Australia, but distances travelled meaning hefty fuel consumption and upfront purchase costs being just short of $80k, make it very unaffordable.

We have taken the trailer option, with a cheapy 4WD for thrashing on the beach (although a new Subaru is on the cards soon) The trailer gives us the flexibility to load up all our sailing gear, a dog, daughter, esky for beers - ah life is good.

George your van would have been awesome here in South Australia, shame you couldnt post it over. You could have driven it here, what an adventure?

So are you coming to Maui in June?

George Markopoulos said...

Steve-send me a picture if you would of your pick up. I'd appreciate it.

Dave, i suspect with all my gear and big ass 4wd, my carbon footprint is every widening ;)

June fast approaches, and its becoming painfully obdvious that Maui may not be in the cards for us. AND ITS KILLING ME. So I'll be looking forward to living vicariously thru your trip! please please try to update your blog as often as possible.

Anonymous said...

i told you.