Friday, January 22, 2010

Maui no ka Oi!

My friend Keith McCulloch and his wife Martine arrived on Maui a few days ago, and checked in with this report from the north shore:

first day here.. over mast high, blowing 4.7 i sailed at kanaha, upper and lowers.. big waves and gusty East wind.. i had one nice air off the lip.. big float.

it was a zoo at lowers.. probably 60 guys fighting over the sets.. so i went up to uppers.. not as nice of a wave.. but larger and only 1 other guy out.. so no problems..
one memorable set was easily 8 foot over mast.. the drop was insane.. i was wishing I had a banana rocker board on the way down.. it felt like I was dropping into a felt so good to set the rail and turn down the line to safety.. i mean this thing was fracking huge..certainly the biggest wave I've sailed. not what I needed on my first day.. after not sailing for so long and now on all new (to me) gear. but you take it as it comes.

I sailed a 4.7 North Ice and a Tabou Pocket 80.

sorry for not getting any decen't photos.. today was a real run around trying to get all the gear and food and junk together and organized. and it was late and gusty when I tried to get a few shots.. there are a few shots from the back of the wave as I was making my way out. to hard to take a shot while I was going down the line.

Pack it up jack it up...Looks like the Kanaha car park-front row no less. Man I miss that place!

hopefully more to come.. over and out.-keith

Well, sounds like they are in for an awesome trip. Good for him, he deserves it! Keep the reports coming Keith :)

me, I'm eyeing a cold water wavesailing sesh at Assateague sunday afternoon.


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