Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Maui Surf Report

From the North Shore of Maui, Keith McCulloch checks in with his second report:

here is report #2..

out of 6 days i've sailed 2 so far.

I sailed today at lanes, wind was kona, 0 to 30 almost straight offshore at times, (kinda like the bath house in frisco..dirty wind and offshore).

i rigged a 5.0 north ICE and rode a Quatro 95L wave board. sailed for about 3 hours.. small crowd in the beginning.. then it got pretty crowded with about 25 sailors out.

mostly head high sets with a few coming in around logo high.
it was pretty fun and easy. alot like a day on the south side of hatteras with north wind and a swell.

martine snapped a few shots with the point and shoot.

Martine checking out some of the exotic fruit
doing lots of other things as well. snorkeling is good and hiking around checking things out.

I love how Keith nonchalantly says  "snorkeling is good and just hiking around and checking things out"...Like you just visit Heavan and just check things out!

Its funny, Janis and I can probably name the location of every photo in this post. Yup, we miss Maui.
Thanks for the report Keith/Martine. Keep them coming.


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