Sunday, November 13, 2011

Warm SW In November on Assateague Island

Ahhh warm Southwest
Marginally powered 5.8 conditions, but the waves where disappointing relative to what I was expecting

Strange, on the outside it seemed that there where some large swell coming thru, and it was a super fun blasting over that with power in the deep water.  There were plenty of jumps out there!

Still there where a few nuggets out there
I don't know what happened because they didn't really break with any power the bars 
....despite the fact that it was low tide.   
There where a few fun hits-so much fun

Every now and then a bigger one would make it thru. Here John lined up a fun one

Lots of hoots and hollering out there :) 

just didn't line up all that well today

Look at these beautiful shots Janis captured of the wild ponies of Assateague Island

Its always so cool when they come out onto the beach 
Still, a blast sailing with my friend John Hale, and there is more on tap for Sunday.
No complaints and a nice three day stretch of sailing...Tis the season. Beautiful moon over Delaware
More on tap for Sunday... what a run!

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