Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Want Some Real Wind

This is what sailing in 65 knots looks like.
2/26/11 Tower Road
Believe me when I tell you I still lay awake at night thinking about this day. I was on a 4.2 vogue and 76 Thruster in this shot, about to rig down to 3.6.
Sure apples to apples I'll take a day of BIG clean waves over 50 knots, but strong wind is pretty fun too.

Tis the season and I can’t wait for some real wind ;)


damel said...

Hmm, did you try any jibes? Even if you are going 20 knots during a jibe you have 30 to deal with, I guess you could let go with your back hand and the drag of the rig will keep you on a plane but that isn't bad ass. Hope everything lines up for a good clean day at some point this season.

George Markopoulos said...

Haha yeah gybes where only possible in the lulls