Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So yeah, the east coast has turned the corner into spring. The southerlies have been blowing almost daily, and I can’t wait to get out and play in the waves. I’m curious to see what has happened to my favorites breaks down on Assateague. No doubt all of those NorEasters this past winter have reshaped the beach. You can bet the sand bars have certainly shifted. It’s a magical time of the year, filled with excitement and wonder.

I’ve tweaked the gear I requested from RRD, primarily made some changes to my sail quiver. I’m also excited to be getting a SUP. I think there is huge potential in Delaware/Maryland. From the ocean, to Delaware Bay, to the countless lakes and tributaries, Janis and I plan to explore every venue from the perspective an RRD SUP. If you’d like to try one, get in touch with and I’ll hook you up!

How is the shoulder you ask? The shoulder is doing very well. I no longer wake up in pain, and I can feel it growing stronger and more flexible every day. I am not allowed to have a sail in mu hands for about another month, but come April 30th, I’m gonna be chompin at the bit. I’ll probably start with some light SUP work in a few weeks. I envision SUP down-winders from Broadkill to Lewes. I’ll eventually toss a sail onto it, if only to putt around down in Dewey without a harness in light winds to toughen up the hands.

Ahhhhh, the anticipation is huge!

Please allow me to promote my daughters’ volley ball team, the MVSA Wahoo’s. They are dialed, playing well, and gearing up for regionals on April 11th. If they win the Gold, they’re going to Nationals! Go Wahoo’s!!

My daugher is Kristin Markopoulos, she wears number 9. She plays the setting position, and we're so proud of her. Here are some shots from the Northeast Qualifier this past weekend in Baltimore.

Here is Kristin serving:

This play was kinda funny. The team was out of position, and the mismatch at the net pitted Kristin against someone much taller. Up against the net, height will wins most every time. Great shot though, and great effort!

Working in between matches:

Goofing off in between matches:


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