Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memoral Day 2010-Assateague

I'm thankful for all who have served to keep us free and blessed to pursure our dreams in the greatest country on the Earth.
Great Memorial Day that began with a sup sesh bayside at Assateague, then SUP on a flat ocean. Janis took her first paddle in the Atlantic, and then a nice thermal cam up. Too bad the ocean was virtually flat. Oh well, non complaints here.
Rigged my new 5.8 RRD Superstyle. Beautiful graphics and a large window.
Lots of lo end grunt with these sails to take advantage of the light conditions today

Felt soooo good to be back out there, shoulder felt fantastic, and I got right back into the groove. Oh yeah.
As we were leaving the island, we noticed a great photo opportunity. The light was perfect. So Janis hopped out went out for one last SUP sesh.
Yah, she told me she had a "magical experience" out there.
One that came a close second to swimming under a waterfall on Maui
Blessed, and stoked beyond belief.