Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nanticoke River Festival Seaford, Delaware. Delmarva Board Sport Adventures-your Delmarva source for Standup Paddle, took a few boards and set up as a vendor at the Nanticoke River Festival
its safe to say that Delmarva Board Sport Adventures was a huge hit at the festival..
we introduced literally hundreds of folks to RRD Standup Paddle Boards
Delmarva Board Sport Adventures is stoked to provide SUP rentals, excursions, and  tax free sales for the beachs of Delaware and Maryland:
Dewey Beach
Broadkill Beach
Trapps Pond
Killians Pond
Ocean City, Maryland
Come stroke it with Delmarva Board Sport Adventures!


Anonymous said...

I miss your old blog, bring back windsurfing passion and get rid of the SUP commercial

George Markopoulos said...

I aprreciate the comment. Trust me, I'm dieng to get a sail in my hands. All i can say is SUP is a great compliment to sailing, and as soon as we get some wind, i'm back on it.
live2sail.....and SUP