Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Assateague + Sup Sailing = Fun!

Yesterday Colin Gload and I scored some really fun sup sailing on Assateague.
 I was on the Wassup 10
 Colin on a Diamond Classic 9.6

 love this board
 Colin digging it
 some nice faces

 Hey Keith, I'm working on your signature move, sailing back winded on the wave. I hope to have it down by the time I come down for the jam
Colin going backside 

finally figured out how to carry a Sup overhead.....
 just beware the odd gust!

by late evening, the wind began to fill in so I took out my 92 ltr waveboard
but the quality of the waves had begun to deteriorate 
so it was time to pack it up
never the less, stoke to have scored.
Happy Birthday Colin...looking forward to plenty more this summer!


ralph said...

Sure you can head carry a SUP/sail. But if you do...!!!!
Great stuff man.

Relax said...

Love the retro F2 sail.
Keep working on the board carry. Launching the sail/sup combo in shorebreak is pretty dicey. Any new techniques would be appreciated.

Ken K

Colin said...

Awesome day out there George! Can't wait to get another day like that. the old F2 sail lives on to see another face.