Monday, December 19, 2011

Mystic Force Drysuit - Delmarva Built

I used to wear Neil Pryde dry suits, but they don’t hold up to NORMAL wear and tear. Very disapointing. The material is very fragile, and I often would breach the material with a careless gouge of my finger nail. I went thru two of these suits in 3 years, and they never did live up the “Dry” billing, at least not the way I sailed in them ;) . Sent them away twice for repair, once for a new zipper, and once to patch assorted tears.

No question in my mind the most technologically advanced suit on the market is the Mystic Force Drysuit -built to keep you dry and sailing in the most extreme conditions.
We have new 2012 Suits in stock, and we also have several brand new 2011 force drysuits on close out for $599

So don’t let the cold weather keep you off the water, suit up properly and hit it hard.

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