Monday, February 22, 2016

Port Tack At Hookipa 2/21/16

Sunday it blew southwest, and i thought I'd sail side on bump and jump in Kihei. SW in Kihei would be like NW in Lewes. But when i got there, there where no ramps, and it wasn't as windy as the north shore which i knew the waves were building, So i took one run and quickly unrigged and headed back to Hookipa. I used the go pro with a different setting. Came out pretty good.

 Man was i stoked when we got to Hookipa, it was lit up with buildiing surf. Rigged 5.0 but should have put up a 4.5. Pure magic again. I'm learning tons
I love sailing port tack at Hookipa. Today was the first kona wind we've had all month.   

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