Saturday, May 17, 2008


Just an awesome day at Dewey Beach. Sailed 4 hours straight, not just powered up, I’m talking lit up on my 5.8 and 91 ltr. Arrived around 2.30ish, and the wind was just starting to build. By the time I was rigged, it was about 20 WSW with gusts to the mid 20s.

Bob Ramsey and Andy Pierce had sailed from 8am on formula gear, so they where pretty much spent by the time the wind filled in to forecasted levels.

I hit the water around 3, and basically sailed straight thru to 7.30 as the sun was going down. Had the place all to myself at that point.

It was one of the magical days where I was completely dialed, could’ve worn boardshorts and a rash guard-the water was that warm. Began the day on my 109 ltr and wore the helmet cam for that session.

It seemed like everything came together right as i hit the water, and i was dialed. Dont know what the tide situation was, but the port ramps were pretty sweet, and I was hitting some pretty nice and floaty jumps. Oh yeah.

Wind continued to build and I switched to the 91 ltr. That board is so sweet, I was ripping into high-wind tacks, even completed a few helitacks, one of which I caught on video.

Speaking of the warm water, I went barefoot today, and then I became reacquainted with the one bitch I have for the JPs, the decks get very slick, at least mine did. I believe my 91ltr is a 2004 FSW. If anyone has a suggestion on remedies, I’m all ears. A friend once suggested taking sand paper to the deck pads and roughing up the surface. Let me tell you how annoying it can be going into a gybe, and your back foots slips off the deck at high speed. In fact, its so bad, I’m gonna have to wear booties from now on when I ride that board. My 77ltr FSW is fine, its just the 91 that is slick.

Speaking of gybes, I’ve been working so much on my short board tacks/helis so much, that I must admit my gybes have suffered. Today I worked on them, with very good results. Man its so awesome to power into a full laydown gybe at high speed. Gotta remember to lean way forward and over-sheet.

Forecast tomorrow is very strong. Assateague will be rockin, but it doesn’t look I’ll be able to hit it because of social commitment that will require me to leave for home earlier than I’d hoped. No worries, today was fanatastic, and is supposed continue blowing tomorrow, so I’ll get on the water, it just probably wont be in the ocean.

Any day of sailing……………….

Heres the video:

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PeconicPuffin said...

Great shots...the ocean conditions look outstanding.