Sunday, May 11, 2008

From Milford, De. to Sandy Point, Md.

Scored a very short session at Sandy Point sunday. The wind was ESE and I rigged 5.8.
mostly slogged around, but I did get about 30 minutes of fun before it started raining. Wind was very gusty, but I was amazed at how nicely this spot sets up when the wind goes onshore. It is surprisingly do-able, and the port ramps were excellent. If only the wind had filled in as forecasted, it could've been awesome. Alas, Ken-you didn't miss much. No video as I didn't wear the helmet for the one session that I was powered up. There is a gale warning tonight and tomorrow.
This is a picture of Laslo (last name?)

Sandy Point light:

Boykin Wagner has crossed over.

Here a few shots of a maginificent wheat fields at sunset:

It may be a stretch, but these vast wheat fields remind me of the sugercane fields on Maui.

In a month or so this crop will be replaced w/corn.

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