Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dawn Patrol-Assategue

The other day, Ken and I scored a great day of wave sailing. Assateague was the venue. We sailed 5.8s from 7.30am to about 3pm. Waves were very small, but it was still way too much fun to make turns on a wave face, despite the size. The current was a bit of a struggle, but after adjusting, we were able to maintain our position, even work upwind enough for 2-3 down-the-line turns w/o going downind of our launch point.

Moments of the day for me where,
1. Ken and I shared a wave. I dropped in 50 yards upwind of him, and began my ride. He came into view as i went down the line.

2. I bottom turned around Ken as he dropped in on that same wave I was turning on.
3. Went down the line and the white water grabed the clew of my sail and tried to yank it out of my hands.

Shot some go-pro video today, and that turned out pretty successfully. I think its the cold weather that jacks up the camera. when its warm out, I have better luck.
Heres the video:

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