Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random shots

Ken Kellar and yours truely at Broadkill Beach, early fall 2007

Comin in after a session. Love those fall sessions when the water is still warm, and the air is brisk:

Bob Ramsey-Broadkill Beach, early fall 2007

Here is a video short from that fun day at Broadkill. From a mast mount on Ken's rig.

Packing my gear to come home, not a good time

Me, at Hookipa July 2007

Ken comin in at Hookipa:

Here is some video we shot on 7/7/07 at Sprecks. This was actually the first time i wore the helmet cam, and i sailed behing Ken and filmed him as he hit a couple of jumps. I beleive we were on 4.5s.

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