Saturday, April 11, 2009

Litski at the Baby Pool

Scored a fun several hour sesh at Tower. Lit on my 5.8 91ltr combo. And My daughter Kristin was on photogrpahy duty today! Her first time back behind the lense since the epic New Years Eve Sesh.

This was a big one. Click to enlarge

Hit some pretty decent jumps despits the fact that there wasn't much to work with

I hit it perfect, sailed from around 2 to 4.30 today, intermittant rain squals, and infrequent sun, but its all good!

The girls had fun

We drove out onto the beach at Keybox, and I almost rigged, but I still don't have my deleware ORV pass, so we opted for the baby pool today

I always take the wedding ring of when I sail. I nearly lost it once, and learned my lesson. Charles learned a different sort of lesson once, and that weighs on my mind as well

More outhaul please

She wants to get up and go!

The is the top end of a body drag



I've not heard from Ken, so he is either out sailing, or too exahausted to check in. I think the crew scored some action at ramp 34 yesterday, but I've not yet heard the report. Fellas?


Time to pack it up jack it up

Bring it on home

goofing off

Kristin and Dad

just chillin on a saturday night



Anonymous said...

supper on the table and I ate me a bite, then we snuggled on the porch by da PALE moon light!

George Markopoulos said...

Little bit of me and little bit of you...feeling alright