Monday, April 13, 2009

Hatteras Adventures

Ken Kellar reporting from Hatteras last weekend:

I pulled onto ramp 34 just north of Avon. Bill Bell had called from there and said he was launching. Andy sent out an e-mail on it too. I arrived on the beach to find carnage. Two Norfolk sailors (one of them Robert) were changing a very flat flat. I saw Bill’s truck and asked were he was.

They pointed a quarter mile down the beach. On Bill’s first run he tossed a forward and managed to jam the mast in the bottom, breaking the mast and tearing his mast sleeve. I drove down and picked him to take him back to his truck. He sprinted off to get a loaner from Olaf at Avon Sail House.

Well things settled down and three of us launched 5.0s in the side, side-off SW wind. Bill rigged a bit smaller. A bit gusty on the inside and very powered up on the outside. Not much surf but nice jumpable faces on the swell. Bill went right back to looping.
I put on my loop helmet but never tried any. I did get some sweet high jumps on the few occasions I could get on a full plane before hitting the surf line. Andy and Anne showed up a bit later.

In the interim, I gave a couple young windsurfers my recommendation on sail size. After sharing my wisdom I launched again to find the wind had dropped off quite a bit, sorry for the sail size advice youngns! The wind went more offshore and fluky. No more planing on the inside. I rigged up to 5.8 which was better but I started having a hard time staying up wind. In the mean time Andy was ripping upwingd on a Tabou with a teeny little freestyle fin. Go figure! Stuart visited with his hand looking like a mummy’s after his 20+ stitch crash a while back. Possible dawn session tomorrow. We’ll see.

And this from a sesh at the Hole:
Rock n roll! Couple hours inthe afternoon at the hole. Tossed a forward attempt on a 5.0 within a minute of that it really started rocking went to 4.4 smallest I had with me. Wild rides nice floaty jumps. Low but good hang time. Exciting jibes.

The wind did come up pretty quick. I got to the hole and thought maybe I could plane on a 5.8 and in just a few minutes watching the wind I decided to try 5.0. I launched the 5.0 very nicely powered and just off the beach attempted a loop. Crashed on my back pretty harmlessly and sailed back in thinking about my next loop attempt. By the time I turned around, I thought no way will I attempt one now. Way too windy. I sailed for about 15 minutes way over powered and then dropped to 4.4 which was still crazy.

Sounds like Ken had a good time!

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