Sunday, April 12, 2009

Great Weekend on The Delmarva!

Happy Easter everyone. Today I poached as session at Boradkill Beach. I say poached because not only is an ORV permit required, but you must also be actively fishing.

But what the heck, it was Easter Sunday, and I was only out for a couple of hours, so I gave it a shot, successfuly I might add ;)

So thankfull to have mydaughter out with me again today

This is the closest venue to my house in Delaware, bout 15 minutes away.

It was pretty windy. Could of been on my 5.0

Time to get it on!

The girls enjoyed the sunny weather

They absolutley loved driving onto the beach

I enjoyed the nice, sunny, and wind weather....and and I especially enjoyed the floaty port jumps

Gybing on the outside

Blastin back in

So stoked to be a windsurfer :)

I have lots of spectacular photos.....

but these pics here are pretty special..

my daughter comes running down the beach to walk by my side after a sesh. See what you have to look forward to Bill :)

What a weekend on the Delmarva! Excellent sailing both Saturday and Easter Sunday....

I absolutely love it when the entire east coast fires on the weekend, and I'm looking forward to hearing the reports from the Hatteras crew. I think Ken scored some great action on his trip. Ken forward any photos and I'll post em up

One final shot of farmland in Delaware, between Harrington and Milford. The colors are so vibrant out here right now...


Matt said...

George, love your shots and your tales. I was at Dewey for a terrific 5.4 sesh Sunday afternoon. A few kiters were originally present, and then I had the whole place to myself. Super weekend! Sat, was at Mason Neck S.P. on a 6.6. Like you, found the winds a bit light, but managed to get a few good rides in. I'm getting hooked on your stuff! You seem to be the only blogger between Tidewater Virginia and NYC.

George Markopoulos said...

Hey Matt-thanks! Glad you scored at Tower. Fun times!