Friday, January 29, 2010

Maui Report-Kihei Bump n Jump

Here is Keith McCulloch checking in from Maui:


hello. report#3

3 out of 7.... not too bad.. locals say this is the windest week in 2 months.. so i guess we should be lucky...

Martine and I sailed at Kihei today. Martine was blasting around on a 3.7 and I was sailing lit up a 4.7 , both North Ice sails.
Martine rode a 72 liter mistral and I was on a 78 liter mark nelson custom. bump and jump conditions.. warm and sunny. small mast pad high wave. we sailed sunny kihei since I owed martine a nice easy sail.. the other day...she hung out at ho'okipa for 4 hours watching me sail lanes, so i owed her one.
Today the north shore had big waves.. but was covered in clouds and mist.. making the wind flaky and light. we stopped at ho'okipa on the way home and watched a few guys slogging around catching some mast high waves every once and a while.  
Didn't get alot of photos today sorry. promise to take more tomorrow! over and out, Keith
Yes, more pics please.
PS. Janis wants you to go up to the Tedeschi Winery and pick her up a bottle of Maui Splash! Snap some shots while you're up there. Its one of her favorite places in the whole world
A few more shots from Keith. Looks like they went up the Iao Valley
The Battle of Kepaniwai ("Battle of the Dammed Waters of ʻĪao" or Kaʻuwaʻupali, "Battle of the Clawed Cliffs") was fought in 1790 between Hawaiʻi Island and Maui. The forces of Hawaiʻi were led by Kamehameha I, while the forces of Maui were led by Kalanikūpule. It is known as one of the most bitter battles fought in Hawaiian history.

If you've never been, its extraordinarily beautiful up there, and the trades funnel up and accerlate up thru the valley, constantly reminding you of the sailing you're missing down on the coast...hehehe

PSS-I'm going to be off the water for 6-8 weeks. I'm having my left shoulder scoped. I'll be back on it and ready for the spring windsurfing events in Hatteras, and perhaps even some action out on the left coast.


Janis Markopoulos said...

I wish we were with them. :(

George Markopoulos said...

Hi honey, you know keith is going to maui for the hookipa leg of the AWT in october ;)