Friday, December 19, 2008

2008 Photo Year In Review!! Part 2

Here is the second and final installment to my Photo recap of 2008. Mostly windsurfing action shots, along with a few scenic shots from the island of Maui. This slide show is much longer, about 12 minutes. I just couldn't find a way to make it any shorter. What can I say, The story must be (re)-told! Hit pause and come back to it if you can't sit through the whole thing in one sitting.

btw-the sailors at Ho'okipa are Jason Polakow, Keauli Seadi, Kevin Pritchard, and a few others. Janis and I sat on the bluff and watched the most unbelievable display of grace, power, and skill back in February.

If you enjoyed the slide show, I'd be stoked if you left a comment.

Heres to 2008, an epic year to be a windsurfer, and heres to whats to come in 2009!


Oh, and btw 2008 isn't over yet. We have wind in the forecast!


Andy said...

Great slideshow, George! What a year... Sick!!! Lets do it again, but bigger and better in 2009!!

Hey I never got a chance to thank you and Janice for the card you guys sent to me and Anne... "Thanks!!" and Happy Holidays!! : )

Bill said...

Yea George!! Awesome year, and great memories!!

Your windsurfing adventure in 2008 is one for the record books.

Everything from overcoming the FWD loop mental hurdle, to getting your van signed by Robby Naish, and all the other accomplishments along the way! What a ride!!

2009, can't wait!

Mac said...

cool...great action shots...and nice photos of you & Naish, Polakow, and Prichard. Yep...AC/DC pretty much rocks.

Ken K said...

Great year! Just think of all the more action you can get in 2009 because of the '08 experience! Sailing away from "you know what" is on the top of my list and I bet yours too?