Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wicked Warm Day At Tower Road!!

Wow, just an amazingly warm day for late December. Had to be pushing 70. No gloves, and no Hat! Every one showed up by 1pm, but for the first session around 10am, it was just James and I.

Wind Graph from Dewey. Lit 5.0 conditions.

Here are a few shots of the action before the wind filled in. We are riding our big boards for this sesh
James Roe

We both rigged 5.0 and they happen to be identical colors. I love my RRD.

Still working on those heli-tacks. Not so dialed today

Time to come in and get the smaller board

Change of fin too

When the wind filled in, these guys got their strings all jimmy jacked up

Windsurfing on the other hand comes with no strings attached. Sorry, had to get that dig in.

Beautiful Light

2nd session on smaller boards! Rock N Roll!

I was sailing out of my gybes clew first today. Its alot of fun!

Stan Iwamoto showed up just in time for the fun


Stan and James

Stan was ripping today

Stan Again

So much more fun when there are others out to share the wind!

I watched a Peter Hart Freestyle video last night so today I.....

worked on letting go with the front hand during gybes

Tons of port jumpin side

Clew first again

fully layed out swan dive

I wore my drysuit, and lemme tell you, i was way overheated. In fact, i looked forward to the times I'd fall in, and i was purposely dunking my head to get a flush of cold water thru that suit. Amazing.

A few others showed up, that i don't know who they where.

I think this is Jules. I believe his wife Donna was out there too

It was easily 4.0 at this point, and pushing 70 degrees, on December 28th!

So all in all, a fantastic day of winter time sailing here on the Delmarva. Full on stoked to get back out here again this week. New Years Day historcally has been a pretty windy day, so I'm anxious to see 2009!

Actually, Tuesday and Wednsday look insane! Bring it on.


Pål Rype said...

looks like you guys had a blast !

Jeff, aka Peconic Jeff said...

Wow, 4.0 and 70 deg on the short days of Winter. We were sweating in our drysuits on Long Island, despite the heavy fog and lower 50's.

Matt Lestina said...

George, great to run into you. Great day for late December! And a great set of photos which summed up the day. Temps up to 70, winds sometimes in excess of 30 mph. Unfortunately, I rigged too big. Later, when I rigged down, the wind stopped altogether. Lots of kiters there. Seemed that they almost dominated both beaches, and there seemed to be a 4 to 1 ratio of kiters to windsurfers. Sign of the times. Matt