Friday, September 16, 2011

Epic Lewes 4.2-Sept Ushers in Fall NW Winds

I love storm conditions :) Lewes Fired 4.2 Thursday. Arrived at the main beach around 5.30 and sailed till the sunset went down. When I was unrigging, it was blowing sustained mid 40s.
Launched around lo tide and rode the RRD Wave Thruster and and a wave vogue 4.2. I really like the tri fin setup of the thruster in these onshore conditions. Super grip, especially when trying to go front side in STRONG onshore conditions

Yeah it was fabulous :)
Really fun back side smacks

 Blowing sand

 Cool shot

 Gybing on the inside
 Really cool shot with the Lewes Light House in back ground

 Lewes is such a great venue on NW-clean wind and super fun aerials :)
Britt, these

backside is super fun :)

Cape May Ferry 
Took a break, and then it got super windy, bordering on liquid smoke--blowing sustained 40+ here
which really cleaned up the inner bar 
Check out the overwash on the break wall 
Cool shot

Sooo much fun

the inner bar was super clean 
allowing for a nice approach to the ramps 

Time to pack it up jack it up!
A shot of the parking lot as I unrigged-stormy :)
 Stoked! Live2sail

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