Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lewes Was Fun Sunday, But Not Many Ramps

**Update** more photos just loaded to the photo gallery

The conditions didn't live up to the forecast sunday, moderately powered 5.3 for most, with random pyscho chop, but there were lots of sailors on the water, and that was sooo refreshing
Janis has a new Nikon D7000 with 500mm lens. The shots are amazing, and we can't wait for the first big day :) 

Really cool shot

Sam with the shot of the day...nice
Check back for the rest of the photos, Janis took several hundred, and I'll put  link up up here tomorrow when the album finishes uploading to the gallery.


Didi and Taka, stay in touch with me here, and hope ya'll make it back out here soon, I really enjoyed sailing with you guys

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