Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lewes Delivers!

The Delmarva was hammered by a Nor’easter on Saturday. While inland areas seemed to get anywhere from 3-12 inches snow,  I bided my time, allowing the precipitation to move off, and the tide to go out. By 1pm, a check of the radar showed that we where almost in the clear, and we headed north to Lewes. You know your living right when you pull up to the beach during a raging nor'easter, and the rain stops. We timed it just right!
I gotta say Lewes was pretty intense. Gusty conditions. . It was a very impressive storm 12 hours of a NE gale pushed in A LOT of water, and the shore break was INTENSE. The shore pound was so big that even though the wind was onshore, there was a huge wind shadow right at the water’s edge.
Definitely and overhead carry launch is needed, and then you gotta swim your gear out between the sets. It was the only way to get out, and I was still denied a couple times. Can’t ever remember that happening before at this venue.
I love this first picture, look at the swell just 20 feet of the beach. Pretty impressive, can’t say I’ve ever seen it like that here. Remember, this is the Delaware BAY. A little tricky getting off the beach, but oh man the holy grail awaits. Click on this pic to see the full screen view. Yeah, storm sailing ALOT of fun ;)
Once on the outside, the conditions could best be described as psycho chop. Very disorganized, and it was super difficult to approach the ramps with any comfortable speed. So it was a terrible day for aerials. That being said, I love sailing in storm conditions, and it was awesome being out there.. ahhhhhhh J

looks like fun eh? ;) 
All the outside psycho chop aside, the inner bar was beautiful. I don’t know why, but every few runs it would clean up for one really nice bottom turn and gybe.
It would clean up and you’d be carving on nothing but white foam, and due to the size, the power in the sail got dumped
you could even do one handed gybes and drag your free hand in the water.
going front side is super tricky in onshore conditions
The inner bar was definitely the highlight of the day. So much fun.
the psycho chop made it very difficult to approach the ramps with and decent speed, so the aeirals weren't all that impressive
real nas...
Sun trying to peek thru the low cloud ceiling here

A few Starboard ramps too, but pretty random
Here are a couple of shots of Indian River inlet as we headed north to Lewes around 1pm.   
The ocean pretty big and was over washing the jetty. The original plan was to sail south side-Indian river inlet, but when we drove past, it was still raining sideways, not very appealing. Stan, we gotta hit this place on the next storm
STORM conditions at Lewes... AHHHH :)
A few port ramps too where had too

Here is a gybe on the inner bar and.....
....carving thru a root beer slurpee- 
cool shot

Stoked :)
looks like more wind on the way Tuesday. I love the fall here on Delmarva


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