Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lots Of Road Surfing This Weekend

.....this weekend, but still found a way to have some fun. On friday Ken and I hit up Assateague, but arrived too late and the wind turned west a bit earlier than we'd hoped.
This shot of Ken SUP surfing later in the afternoon. Check out the rainbow
Here are few more shots of Ken blasting sound side after the wind clocked west 

 ocean side before the wind went dead offshore
 not supposed to get within 20 feet or so of the wild ponys.
Rainbow over Ocean City
Saturday, after a ton of road surfing, finally settled in at Dewey with...
.....moderately powered 4.7 conditions on the wave cult single 91 ltr... 
...and then it picked up enough to pull out the 75ltr quad 
Weds looks good for a Slaughter sesh


Relax said...

Great seeing you and Janis. That SUP session was awesome! Thanks for letting me try your boards in the 4.6 conditions. Both were very turny reponding to foot steering and naturally keeping the whole rail in the water. I'd really like to try the 91 in the surf.

SUP,leash,paddle. Dont leave home without them!

Dave said...

Cool SUP waves George, how are you guys?