Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Noreaster---Are You Kidding Me!

yeah, the storm surprised me with both its intensity and tenacity
 I was LIT on my 4.7 Loft Lip Wave and 90 RRD Twin. Once again, I'd left the proper kit in the shop
 just wasn't expecting it to be this good
but hey, I made it work
so stoked to have my most awesome wife Janis Markopoulos behind the Nikon lens today
best thing is when it gets real breezy like this, we get conditions like this all to ourselves- with no strings attached ;)
Port is my jumpin side 
It was raining pretty hard at this point, so i came in to get my goggles

for this sequence, the rain had pretty much cleared out, and it was just plain windy, blowing perhaps 35

Despite being so lit on the 4.7, I added a smidge more downhaul, and started to get comfortable 
stormy again

gonna be tough to sleep tonight for sure

More wind in the forecast for the next few days... stoked.
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