Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Quest

My friend Ken Kellar was in Hatteras last week, and it was my sense he was scoring fairly solid conditions. Friday in particular appeared to be strong, albeit heavy ocean conditions. So I asked, rhetorically, are you scoring today? His reply on Monday:

Yes, but not like you'd think. I couldn't find any locals and the south side was small surf and raging offshore wind (45 degrees or more offshore. Lighthouse had big long peeling sets and side shore but no one there. I finally hooked up with Bill Bell who has sailed in the ocean only twice all year and was not inclined to do the ocean In 3.8 conditions. So I met him at "transformers" where you Dave and I did a reef run in 2004 or 2005. Took 3.8 and my 83 liter out to the reef. It was pretty wild and rough. Side on "surf" sailing with lots of jumps and backside cutbacks. Bill attempted a nice high backloop and did a cool endo type forward from pretty high up.
Later around sunset I went to the hole on 4.6 and sailed with Andy and Dale. Beautiful clear sky sunset while on the water. I tried about 4 or 5 fwd loops with no pain and no gear breakage! I was so relieved to break the mental-ice and keep the loop quest going. I'm ready to end the damn quest though!



Nord_Roi said...

I guess he scored big!!! I was also making mentally image of down the line wave sesh when I checked the forecast...

rdm said...

glad you scored Ken!