Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Athena-My Kindred Spirit

Yeah, I'm not sure what inspired that Title, but whatever. I'm just stoked, sailing my arms off around the parts lately. Phew....
So we pulled into Lewes around 10, and although iwindsurf had it onshore in the 30s, it looked light to me. So i rigged big, 5.0 and my 76 thruster.
I'm digging the Mystic Battle Jacket
Proved to be the right combo of loose board and power to bust through the sizeable shorebreak, and corresponding HUGE wind shadow at the waters edge 
had to take a few on the chin to bust through. 
two tacks and it was swell city 
just had to work for it....
and jump over the soup 
No SOUP for you! 
This backside stuff is a HELLUVA lot of fun~!

I'm in there somewhere

 blurry, but you get the picture 

landing in the trough on the backside 

Cape May Ferry in background 

Onshore wind means...
big air time 

starting to get windy here, and began to clock NW 
 yeah, i'm grinning in this shot
Stoked for more tomorrow.
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Nord_Roi said...

It was snowing today&?? I guess no lifegard on duty, maybe get some ski patrol!! ;-)