Sunday, November 4, 2012

Romp At The Secret Spot

Ken, James, and Bob joined me for a good ole fashioned romp in Lewes. For me lit 5.7 on the 101.

The Secret Spot was firing solid conditions. Seemed to me there was an inordinate amount of water in the bay as the sand bar wasn't breaking even at lo tide. No complaints though, and Ken and I sailed at least 4 hours.
sooo crowded ;)
nice jump by Ken

my first run of the day

ken having some...... 
....backside fun 
splash down 

and another 

Bob Ramsay 

big air! 
sand bar at the secret spot is so much fun

Can ya tell whats unusual with this picture? At first I thought this unfortunate catamaran ended up here after Sandy. However, there is growth ON TOP of that catamaran. The storm uncovered this..Amazing. Kudos to Ken for discerning this unsual event. Yeah, there was a lot of erosion on Delmarva from Sandy
looks like another coastal low spins up this week. I'm all over that.

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rdm said...

Man I'm jealous. Looks like a FUN sesh. I haven't sailed since last Tuesday. Looks wet but maybe the southern coast will work.