Monday, October 13, 2008

Hatteras Wave Challenge-The Main Event

We ran the Hatteras Wave Fest Wave Challenge Sunday. Wind was light, current was strong, and the shore break had to be be dealt with as we launched on the less than ideal tide. But all that being said, the waves had some size, some were well overhead. I had a blast participating in my first ever wave competition. My skill didn't even come close to matching up with the rest of the sailors that competed, but I learned alot, and I can't wait for next years event!

The winner of the wave contest is going to be determined by you, the reader. Each competitor chose his favorite 10 shots from a collection of over 800 photos shot during the session! Thanks to Dale B and Jim M for capturing the action! Vote for the your top rider choice going to and using Bill's OBX Poll (left column) to make your choice for the 2008 Beast of the East Wave FaceOff champ!

In the mean time, here are a few more shots:

It was pretty challenging getting out. Strong current and flukey winds made timing your launch critical

Bill Bell

Andy McKinney

Andy kicks out after his ride and.....

....sails away clew first over...

....some darn big white water. The really good sailors make the most diffcult moves look so easy. I can tell you sailing clew first over white water that size takes a LOT of skill and a TON of confidence.

Keith McCulloch on a nice one

Nice Hit!

Caleb Jacobs heads out

Nice hit!

Caleb in a cool sequence

Caleb takes flight behind Keith

Beautiful Light

I'm working thru the helmet cam video and hope to put that up later tomorrow so check back!

Insane Hatteras forecast for this coming weekend! I'm cleared to come on back down.
I hear The Boiler is good on a northwest and I'm looking forward to sailing there.
I've never been more fired up! I can't wait!

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