Monday, October 13, 2008

Robby Naish At The Canadian Hole And Wavesailing Southside

Robby Naish came down and Kited Ego Beach Sunday. The parking lot at the Hole was jammed packed today, and cars were also all up and down along the sand all the way to kite point.. I have some shots of Robby so check back later for those.

this one from June 2006, Maui

I saw a van up in Rodanthe that he'd autographed so I asked him to sign mine.

Robby Naish is a great ambassador for the sport, and the Naish brand is known the world over.

I told him I'd bought those stickers from his shop in Kahului, Maui

And I was gonna sell this van....Maybe the value just went up!

Roland and Wendy get a picture with Robby Naish

What about the windsurfing action you ask? Oh yeah, we got in some really fun wavesailing action southside down by the Hatteras Inlet, and we held The Beast of the East Wave FaceOff! The contest was held on the beach near the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum which is just west of Hatteras Village. Lots of photos, but we are holding them in a secret stash for possible magazine publication. As we zero in on which ones are worthy of publication, I'll begin to post the remainder here, so check back! In the meantime, I'll put these up here to give you a sense of the conditions yesterday:

Caleb Jacobs heads out:

Bill Bell drops in on a nice one. Keith McCulloch behind. Waves had some size!

Anne and Martine

Dale, thank you very much for taking all the time to take these great shots!
We unrigged as the sun was setting, then I hit the road for the drive back to Maryland.

Smooth sailing until Quantico, where a tractor trailor jacknifed, and all northbound lanes of 95 are closed.So here I've been sitting for 1.5 hrs, its 1.30am, and I still have sand on my feet, and a smile on my face! Wanted to put this quick post up here with my blackberry.

Check back later tomorrow for a full report of todays, err, sundays action, which began with a short session at the lighthouse, then to the Naish show at The Hole, and wrapping up with that sweet wavesailing southside. Tons photos and helmet cam video.

Here a few shots from the morning session at the Lighthouse. The rider is Alan from Boca Raton. This was his first time visiting Hatteras. He first stops by the hole, and see Naish in the parking lot. Then down to the lighthouse where the wind was just filling in. I'd say he'll never forget his first time here! Alan, send me your contact info, and I can send you these photos.


Mac said...

George, Great post and pictures...thanks for sharing that. Was Robby not windsurfing on his OBX visit? Looks like he was strictly promoting Naish kites this time around?

George Markopoulos said...

Mac, yeah he was down to visit the grand opening of some new part of Real Kiteboarding and I beleive he was strictly kiting this trip.
I've met him 4 times now, and its always pretty neat when you see him.

Roland said...

George, Many thanks for taking the picture of Wendy and me with Robby. I am glad to hear you all caught some waves down in Hatteras Inlet. 95 just closed ahead of us but we got around the worst by taking highway 1. It was great to meet you and I hope to see you soon on the water.

Anonymous said...

George, great pix, thanks a million. I would love to receive copies by email, It was great meeting you and the other guys. I really enjoyed my first visit to Hatteras. I'll be back!
-Allen DeWeese
Boca Raton, FL