Saturday, October 25, 2008

Warm day at Keybox!

James Roe:

Just off the water at Keybox where James Roe and I scored a fun session.50/50 planing schlogging mix. 5.0 and 91 ltr combo with a supersized challenging shorebreak made the the reward of planing wind on the outside that much sweeter! Big swell out there today. Not sure what was pumping that in cuz it hadn't been all the windy. Never the less, very impressive, and FUN!
Wind graph from Ocean City

I took a few moments to snap these shots before joining James..

James and I had the place all to ourselves, with no strings attached!

good one cuz it shows the size of the swell that was breaking on an inner bar.

The tide was maybe 2 hours shy of high, so the waves weren't peeling on any outer bar. That being said, they did have size, the wind was more side shore (as opposed to the side-on that kept Assategue off the table), and I was able to get onto a few of em and that felt great.

Especially fun today because the rain didn't move in until we were unrigging around 3pm. And so warm! I suspect this may be one the last south winds we get this year, and that we'll probably be breaking out the booties and gloves soon.

Wonder if The Cove went off today??? I know it was windy SE down there.

Great to meet you today Ted. Stay in touch and let's hit it hard next time Henlopen goes off.

James, great sailing with you today! I had fun.

Mast mount video:

On a side note, congratulations to Caleb Jacobs for taking honors on the Beast Of The East Wave Challenge. Check out the slide show from the party and awards ceremony at Avon Sail House here. What a fantastic event. Can't wait for next year!

Happy Birthday Olaf! My Birthday is this coming Friday, and I have the green light for another Hatteras trip if the forecast supports.

Looking forward..........

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